This is us

What we stand for.

To make giving presents even more enjoyable. That is what Stewo stood for. Since 1860. We provide beautiful wrapping and tissue papers, high-quality boxes and exclusive gift bags. Colour-coordinated ribbons and stickers as well as a fine collection of napkins complete the range.

A strong feel for trends and colours, quality that sets the benchmark, not to mention products and designs that impress demanding customers – that is what we aspire to and what sets Stewo apart.

Our competences

What sets us apart.
Any idea will come to the light on a blank sheet of paper. That’s where it all begins. Scribbled by hand. In our studio, a team of experienced designers, products managers and printing technologists works on the latest collections. Scribbles, drafts, models, colour concepts evolve. 
We will be happy to advise you on the Stewo collections. Or design gift packaging and promotional items according to your wishes. From the creation to the finished product. We implement your individual wishes with our know-how, craftsmanship and passion.

Our Production

How we manufacture.

Stewo is the only wrapping paper manufacturer in Switzerland to produce more than 30 million metres of wrapping paper each year. A well-coordinated and highly skilled team works with great commitment on the gravure and flexographic printing presses. We have 3,800 gravure cylinders in our warehouse and more than 7,000 colour formulas in our database. A total of 30 embossing cylinders are available for exclusive finishes. An extensive set of machinery allows us to implement customer requests quickly and with the usual Swiss quality.

Our Commitment

What we care about.

Nature and the environment are important to us and Stewo takes an active role here. We use cuttingedge systems for air purification and constantly invest in further increasing our energy efficiency. We are FSC® certified. A responsible forestry is important to us. A commitment to the future.

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Stewo International AG

We in facts.

Headquarters: Wolhusen, Schweiz
Year founded: 1860
Emloyees: 80 - 90, depending on season
Trainees: 3-4
Company management: Matthias Schneider (a.i.)
Print output: 30 million metres per year
Export ratio: around 70% to more than 48 countries worldwide

The Stewo milestones

1860 until today.

2020 - 160th company anniversary

Stewo International AG celebrates its 160th anniversary. The company has remained at its site at Wolhusen (Lucerne) throughout.

2018 – The Stewo catalogue with a new look & feel

A new look. A new feel. Larger pictures. Better overview. Stewo surprises with a completely new catalogue appearance.

2017 – Successful launch of gift card series

Gifts are becoming more and more versatile, money gifts are enjoying ever greater popularity. Stewo is therefore launching a new series of gift cards. This makes it possible to pack gifts of money and vouchers quickly, easily and beautifully.

2016 – 40 million metres of wrapping paper per year

Stewo prints around 40 million metres of wrapping paper per year and exports to more than 40 countries worldwide.

2009 – takeover by Baier & Schneider

Following difficult years with many changes, the company sees a ray of hope again as a result of the takeover by Baier & Schneider. And these hopes have since been fulfilled as, following the completion of the takeover, Stewo can now bring its tried and tested strength to bear in the future, too.

2002 – introduction of the euro

In the run-up to its introduction, the euro causes quite a stir in neighbouring countries. This dramatic change poses a huge challenge for people and the economy. Restructuring measures are necessary, and the company desperately needs to reduce the complexity of its product range. Later, as a result of increasingly tough economic conditions, entire business areas have to be discontinued.

1994 – inauguration of the design studio

Giving gifts that are more thoughtfully and beautifully presented has become a trend. Stewo’s product range becomes more diverse. Dividing the collection into various lines is an appropriate marketing tool. With a view to expanding this diversity, the company opens its own design studio in Wolhusen.

1990 – Stewo commits itself to sustainability

In view of the increasing importance attached to environmental protection, the company becomes one of the first suppliers to introduce environmentally-friendly wrapping paper.

1984 – first metallic paper

With the introduction of Stewo Lux, the first metallic paper, Stewo once again demonstrates its pioneering approach and great innovative potential. This marks the birth of the modern type of gift wrapping paper.

1971 – the first bag with a transparent viewing strip

Stewo gives people an insight – into foodstuffs. Following a long development period, the company presents the first bag with a transparent viewing strip for bread packaging at a trade show in Stuttgart. The product meets with great enthusiasm on the market.

1964 – the year of exceptional performance

The packaging line design created for the Swiss national exhibition in Lausanne wins the tender. As a result, Stewo is commissioned to produce the entire line. The company also launches the production of book cover paper.

1954 – gravure printing procedure launched

Because Stewo strives to deliver the best possible quality, the company sets up its own research department with a laboratory. And this year, packaging on automated rolls is printed using the gravure printing procedure for the first time.

1950 – introduction of the Stewo brand

After the hard war years, Stewo is now flourishing. Thanks to rapid growth, the company is able to expand and build a completely new factory. At the same time as moving to the new facilities, the company introduces the Stewo brand.

1934 – first wrapping paper produced

With the first production of gift wrap in Switzerland, Josef Steffen once again shows his pioneering spirit.

1890 – Freihof factory opens

Industrialisation finds its way to Stewo. In the «Freihof» building in Wolhusen, Josef Steffen opens a mechanical envelope and paper bag factory complete with printing shop, as business with bags and envelopes is thriving.

1860 – the launch of Stewo

A man makes his entrepreneurial dream a reality, and lays a cornerstone for the economic future of the region. Primary-school teacher Josef Steffen starts up a company making small bags and wrappings. They are produced in the workers own home – The beginning of Stewo (STE = Steffen / WO = Wolhusen).