Sugarcane Paper

100% tree free

Is there an alternative wrapping paper that is made from waste products? Yes, such an alternative exists. In our Autumn/Winter 2023 collection, we have introduced a new upcycling wrapping paper for the first time, that is made from the waste of sugar production. This paper provides an alternative to traditional «wood paper» and is completely tree-free. 

How is sugarcane paper produced? It is made from the fibrous remains (bagasse) that are generated during sugar production. These fibers are processed further and turned into pulp to produce the sugarcane paper. It contains no chemical additives and is more sustainable because sugarcane is a rapidly renewable plant that requires no trees and is produced with less energy than conventional paper. However, one disadvantage is the long transportation distance from tropical regions. 

Is sugarcane paper sustainable? Yes, it is a sustainable alternative because it is made from industrial waste that is upgraded and reused. It is also free of chemical additives and sugarcane is a rapidly renewable plant. 

How can sugarcane paper be disposed of? Sugarcane paper can be disposed of via the normal paper bin and is recyclable so that it can be reintroduced into the material cycle. 

Advantages of sugarcane paper compared to wood pulps:

  • Without bleaching agents/dyeing chemicals
  • 13 months harvest time
  • Contains no wood
  • Recyclable/compostable
  • Made from waste products of rum production
  • Available 365 days a year

Sugarcane Paper

Wrapping paper counter roll "Esai" 0,7x150m gold
Wrapping paper sheet "Weren" 100x70cm black
Wrapping paper "Weren" 70x200cm black
Wrapping paper "Miro" 70x200cm red
Wrapping paper counter roll "Esai" 0,5x150m gold
Wrapping paper counter roll "Esai" 0,3x150m gold
Wrapping paper "Esai" 70x200cm gold