Grass paper

All natural

Stewo’s new wrapping paper range is an environmentally friendly and trendy alternative in every respect. The basis is grass fibres, hay to be precise, from European compensation areas or sports facilities. Grass grows very quickly and can be harvested several times a year. In addition, its regional availability guarantees short transport routes. For production, the raw material is ground, sorted through sieves and pressed into pellets. No chemical processing is necessary, as is the case with pulp production. As a result, the energy and water consumption during production is significantly lower. 

The pellets are mixed with classic wood fibres for optimal stability of the paper and further processed into paper. Stewo Grass Papers consist of 30% grass fibres or hay and 70% classic wood pulp from European sources. After use, the paper can be fed into the waste paper recycling circuit. Advantages of grass fibre over wood pulp:

  • 97 % Energy reduction
  • 99 % water reduction
  • Up to 75 % CO2 reduction
  • Without chemical treatment
  • Short transport routes

MINDFUL Ember & Eira

Gift box „Ember“ A4+ white
Napkins „Doreen“ 33x33cm green
Napkins „Eira“ 33x33cm blue
Napkins „Ember“ 33x33cm gold