Tissue paper single roll „Chilly“ 50x500cm brown light
The printed tissue paper with rainbows is a particularly high-quality way to protect products in the packaging and to wrap them even more nobly. The tissue paper is created and printed in Stewo's own Swiss production facility and is wound on a 50 cm x 5 m roll. This prevents creases when storing and the tissue paper can be easily removed. Whether in combination with wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, bags or lovingly designed stickers - tissue paper opens up countless possibilities for creative gift giving. Time to celebrate: Stewo offers gift wrapping with motifs for birthdays in many variations. For the special day of the year, there are festive wrapping papers, boxes, bags and napkins. Send a beautiful birthday greeting with a card. Cards with mini envelopes for vouchers or amounts of money are popular._x000D_
Colour: brown
Grammage: 30 gsm
Processing: rolled
Theme: Fun
Material: Tissue paper
Size: 50 x 500 cm